What’s your name? Morgan Simpson

How old are you? 18 years young.

What grade you in? I’m a Senior in High School.

Where do you live? Small town.

Favorite music? Country.

Do you dye your hair? Not any more.

What do you wanna be when you ‘grow up’? Guidance Counselor.

Have any siblings? Four sisters, and a cat.

Follow me? Of course!

Promo for Promo? Of course!

You’re beautiful!  Thanks:)

I love your blog! Thanks :)

Single/taken? Taken(10/10/11)

You a virgin? No.

Favorite color? Blue and anything Tie Dye.

Favorite kind of animal?  All kinds, except killer whales. They scare me.

Straight/Gay? Straight.

I love when people ask me questions. So ask away :)